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Conclusions of the Congress on Islamic past of Toledo

On 30 November 2022, the Centre for Studies on Islamic Toledo (CETI), which belongs to [...]

Exhibitions in Italy and Spain as a reflection of a crisis

This article analyses a sample of temporary exhibitions that explore the effects of a geopolitical [...]

Women mystics of Islam, freedom and lordship

We reproduce the paper presented by Inés Eléxpuru, FUNCI’s Director of Communication, at the 6th [...]

Decalogue of good practices for the dissemination of Islamic heritage

Last May 2022, the Islamic Culture Foundation organized the workshop “Islamic Heritage: good practices for [...]

Amazigh women, guardians of language and culture

The complex landscape of language politics of Tamazight and Literary Arabic, influenced by French colonialism, [...]

Music as an intercultural expression in Berlin

It’s a damp, cold October night in Berlin, but along Hauptstraße in the Friedenau district, [...]

Mayrit: from the University to an Erasmus project

During the month of May, the Center for the Study on Islamic Madrid (CEMI) has [...]

FUNCI receives the Doha international award

Last May 23rd and 24th, the Islamic Culture Foundation participated in the 14th Doha Conference [...]

Marseille, a proud and mixed-race city

At a time when the world is closing in on the “other”, and identities are [...]

The Center for the Study on Islamic Toledo signs an agreement with UCLM

The Islamic Culture Foundation has created the Center for the Study on Islamic Toledo (CETI). [...]

Ramadan and fasting in monotheist religions

Dr. Mohamed Chtatou Ramadan, a sacred month for Muslims, commemorates the revelation of the Qur’an [...]

The rise of hydraulic clocks in Morocco

From the water clock erected at the Koutoubia gate by the Almohads to the numerous [...]

Muslims in the Viceroyalty of Peru

To speak on the subject of the Arabs in the viceroyalty, it would be necessary [...]

The Almaden mines, an Andalusi heritage

During the Al-Andalus period, mining activity was very important and the extracted materials were exported [...]

Sea of Tears, an exhibition to the migrants lost in the sea

We reproduce the article “Sea of Tears, Garden of Memory”published on the AramcoWorld’s latest issue. [...]

The mantle of Roger II: the legacy of a multicultural society

The 12th century is often described as a period marked by the Crusades, called by [...]

A European capital’s forgotten memory: Madrid’s Islamic past

Unexpectedly wedged between vehicles in an underground car park lie the remnants of Madrid’s forgotten [...]

Ibn Jubayr: An Andalusian Traveller for Penance

Between the eleventh and the fifteenth century, three great groups of civilizations were in contact [...]

FUNCI expands its bibliographic base with the Benumeya Database

The Islamic Culture Foundation has just published the Benumeya Database of Bibliography on North Africa [...]