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A research recovers the ancient potters women of the Alhambra

Potters women working for the Alhambra, new chronologies or manufacturing methods are some of the [...]

A new essay on Râbi’a Al Adawiyya

We reproduce an excerpt of an interview with the Moroccan thinker and theologian Asma Lamrabet, [...]

Women mystics of Islam, freedom and lordship

We reproduce the paper presented by Inés Eléxpuru, FUNCI’s Director of Communication, at the 6th [...]

Amazigh women, guardians of language and culture

The complex landscape of language politics of Tamazight and Literary Arabic, influenced by French colonialism, [...]

Why Do We Need “Islamic Feminism”?

The Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media recovers this article published by the anthropologist Ziba [...]

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid: a woman who made a mark in history

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (خديجة بنت خويلد ), the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, was [...]

Muslim women of Castile

Due to its gender identity and its religious option, the Muslim women of Castile were [...]

Amazigh Identity in Morocco and Algeria

The Amazighs are the oldest inhabitants of North Africa, a proof of that is their [...]

Khamsa, the hand of Fatima

The hand of Fatima has become one of the most common symbols to produce jewels, [...]

Isabelle Eberhardt, writer, nomad and feminist

Rather than perpetuate the romanticised image of the Orient commonplace in 19th century literature, writer [...]

A busload to support the moroccan women rights

We would like to share with you a great initiative: A caravan to support Moroccan [...]

Présentation du GIERFI au Maroc

Le Groupe International d’Etudes et de Réflexion sur les Femmes en Islam GIERFI,  basé à Barcelone (Espagne), est [...]

Contre une lecture machiste de l’islam

Des féministes musulmanes plaident leur cause à Madrid. Juriste, médecin, cinéaste : des féministes musulmanes ont [...]

Vers un féminisme musulman

Quand les femmes s’approprient les sources “Quand on m’a proposé d’intervenir à cette conférence avec [...]

Moroccan Women in the avant-garde

Muslim women in general, and Moroccan women in particular, are often defined through the lens [...]