Education for Development comprehends research, raising awareness, training, advocacy, and social action activities. These are necessary in order to forge a global and solidary citizenship that contributes to a sustainable development. FUNCI has promoted Education for Development activities for more than three decades, from a transversal Human Rights perspective, which considers the knowledge of Islamic culture as a tool producer of dialogue and respect, and aims at contributing to the generation of a more fair society in an optimal intercultural social environment.

In the year 2015, FUNCI developed the strategy for Education to Development 2015-2019, coinciding with the European Year for Development, and in an international context that stresses the urgency of promoting intercultural coexistence and the respect for diversity.

Training activities

FUNCI considers training to be the more adequate action in order to generate and transmit a specialized knowledge that contributes to the improvement of coexistence, to mutual enrichment, and to the optimisation of sustainable development actions. Since its early days, FUNCI has organized, coordinated and taught many specialised courses, conferences and workshops of formal and informal education addressed to professionals involved in immigration, coexistence and/or development activities in Spain.


FUNCI counts with a research department that relies on external partners belonging to many different disciplines and which contribute through their personal enthusiasm and experience to our actions. Research has always been an important field for FUNCI, as only through the studying and the enlargement of our understanding we can achieve an ideal development for the Southern countries and a growing awareness for the Northern hemisphere. By relying on culture and identity, it is possible to provide the knowledge and innovations necessary to develop the training and raising awareness activities that will contribute to a development and multidisciplinary enrichment.


Within the Education for development strategy, FUNCI has carried out, since its early days, social participation and political incidence activities that encourage the acknowledgement of the Islamic civilisation contribution from a human rights inclusive approach. Within the framework of political incidence, FUNCI has promoted several initiatives such as the Recommendation 1162 for the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe, which denounced the discrimination of the Muslim population based on stereotypes and prejudices, within the framework of article 9 of the European Convention for Human Rights. Later on, in 2003, it issued the First Manifesto against Islamophobia.

Likewise, in 2004, FUNCI organised many social activities that sought to create closer ties between the East and the West. Among these activities, we can highlight our exhibitions, which have had a great degree of success not only in Spain, but also in the Mediterranean countries, and which promote a message of peace and tolerance between cultures.

Featured Actions