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CEMI at FITUR fair. A tour of Islamic Madrid

On January 25, the Center for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), created by de Islamic [...]

Music as an intercultural expression in Berlin

It’s a damp, cold October night in Berlin, but along Hauptstraße in the Friedenau district, [...]

Emerging Libyan artists to watch and learn

Arts and culture writer Naima Morelli selects five Libyan artists for the Middle East Eye, [...]

Susana Mangana joins FUNCI

This month we have a reason to celebrate. Professor and researcher Susana Mangana Porteiro has [...]

Andalusia, mon amour, part 1

Al-Andalus in Andalusia Dr Mohamed Chtatou Andalusia is the seduction of Spain. It is believed [...]

Ibn al-Haytham and the rays of ligth

Ibn al-Haytham saw what no other scientist from the Greco-Roman era was able to see [...]

Amazigh Identity in Morocco and Algeria

The Amazighs are the oldest inhabitants of North Africa, a proof of that is their [...]

Plague and poetry in the Middle East authors

Plague, pandemic and pestilence have long been themes for writers, historians and poets, from Giovanni [...]

We present the book homage to Julio Caro Baroja

Last Saturday June 1st took place the presentation of the book Not of the Letter [...]

The Feast of the Candles in Salé

Much of the Islamic world has just finished celebrating the ‘Mawlid’, the birth of the [...]

What ails the Arab World

There is an Arab proverb that says, “If you have no more shame left in [...]

Palestinian archaeology

A Future for the Past: Petrie’s Palestinian Collection highlights the extraordinary finds made by the [...]