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Bahrain. A community that forms its culture

Bahrain is home to many sights and attractions, but what brings life and character to [...]

Ibn ‘Arabi and Sufism, a way of reading Islamic architecture

Why does man choose to express himself through art and how does he do so? [...]

Eid Al-Adha and animal welfare in islam

On July 29th, we have just attended the Eid al-Adha, or the so-called Feast of [...]

A new essay on Râbi’a Al Adawiyya

We reproduce an excerpt of an interview with the Moroccan thinker and theologian Asma Lamrabet, [...]

Women mystics of Islam, freedom and lordship

We reproduce the paper presented by Inés Eléxpuru, FUNCI’s Director of Communication, at the 6th [...]

FUNCI receives the Doha international award

Last May 23rd and 24th, the Islamic Culture Foundation participated in the 14th Doha Conference [...]

Tranquility, or sakînah, in Islam

Tranquility is the character, or state, of that which is calm, serene, without anxiety, without [...]

Jajouka, Sufi music for intercultural dialogue

“The Master Musicians music is one of the great legal highs, a thundering, transporting chorale [...]

Eid al-Adha Mubarak

Make use of medical treatment, for Allah has not made a desease without appointing a [...]

Andalusia, mon amour, part 2

This is the second part of Dr. Chtatou’s text on Al-Andalus, its history and development. [...]

محمد، هل هو جمهوري ثوري؟

ترجمة: الأستاذ نورالدين بن مبروك في إنجلترا القرن السابع عشر، كان الحديث عن الإسلام طريقة [...]

Appel du Sommet des Consciences de la COP22

La FUNCI a participé aux travaux menés dans le cadre du Sommet des Consciences de [...]

La Vierge Marie, modèle coranique du parfait croyant

Par Seyfeddine Ben Mansour, Lundi 15 Octobre 2012 Marie occupe en effet une place éminente [...]

Bulgaria, Country of Cultural Diversity

Banya Bashi is the name given to the mosque of Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria. [...]

La diversité culturelle de Bulgarie

Banya Bashi est le nom de la mosquée de Sofia, la capitale bulgare. L’édifice fait [...]

The absence of evidence for banning burqas

Are arguments in favour of the French ban supported by any actual evidence, and what [...]

A seminar on critical islamic thougth

The Center for the Study of Intercultural Dialogues (Granada, Spain) is offering a two-week summer [...]

About minarets and swiss decision

Functionality, Symbolism, Minarets, Islam & the Swiss A prominent retired Egyptian Ambassador who last served [...]

President Obama speech in Cairo

“I am honoured to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted [...]

Festival de Fez de la culture Soufie

Le programme cette année est un voyage à travers les cultures du soufisme. Chaque jour nous permettra [...]