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Uzbekistan, Pearl of the Eastern Muslim world

At the crack of dawn, bright summer sunshine basking the city of Tashkent — the [...]

The Spread of Islam in Ancient Africa

Article written by Mark Cartwright and originally published in on May 2019. Following the conquest of [...]

Ibn ‘Arabi, the Andalusian Sufi Prince of Humility

Sufism designates the effort of internalization of the Qur’anic Revelation, the break with the purely [...]

The Moors of Majorca

When one thinks of the Balearic Islands, Spain’s rich Islamic history doesn’t come to mind [...]

Blues in Mali, a source of union and love

In 2012, music in Mali hit the headlines due to the terrorist group Ansar Dine’s [...]

All the lands were sea

Aramco World magazine reproduces an excerpt from the book All the Lands Were Sea, by [...]

Jews, yes; but Muslims too. Claims to the new education curriculum of Madrid

FUNCI has presented claims to the new draft decree of the Community of Madrid, in [...]

Flowering news from the School of Gardening of Morocco

We are already in 2020 and it is time to review our progress. Since the [...]

I Interdisciplinary Conference on History and Memory of the Islamic Madrid

The Center for the Study of Islamic Madrid (CEMI) of the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), [...]

FUNCI at the 14th Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference

Next 3rd and 4th March, 2020, the 14th Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference will take place [...]

We participate in FITUR 2020 for a Muslim Friendly tourism

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) participated in the 2020 International Trade Fair (FITUR) through the [...]

Hormuz island’s dichotomy, geopolitical hotspot or multicultural bastion

Today, when one thinks about Hormuz island and its representation in the international media, it [...]

Qalasādi, a Great Andalusi Mathematician

Nowadays we can’t really imagine algebra that doesn’t involve symbols, but there was a time [...]

We collaborate in the Comprehensive Strategy against Racism

Last November 26th, several civil society organizations, and among them, the Islamic Culture Foundation, participated [...]

Calligraphy to illustrate the everyday life

Calligraphy has historically held a prominent role as a form of artistic expression in the [...]

Isabelle Eberhardt, writer, nomad and feminist

Rather than perpetuate the romanticised image of the Orient commonplace in 19th century literature, writer [...]

Al-Andalus’ Naturalists and the Mediterranean

The orientalization of the science of Al-Andalus was essential for the later development of the [...]

First Meeting of Researchers in Arab and Islamic Studies in Spain

In September 9th and 10th, 2019, Casa Arabe hosted the Meeting of Researchers in Arab [...]

Hasankeyf: a good bye to a millennial city

Progress and development are two terms commonly used to justify the destruction of heritage and [...]

Maslama al-Mayriti, Maslama of Madrid

The current capital of Spain is rooted in the Al-Andalus period. Between the years 852 [...]