An Ecological Gardening Guide (Guide de jardinage écologique)

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), through its project “Bouregreg Gardening School of Med-O-Med“, located in [...]

The Museum of Santa Cruz and FUNCI are committed to jointly disseminating Toledo’s Islamic heritage

The Museum of Santa Cruz and the Centre for Studies on Islamic Toledo (Islamic Culture [...]

A guide to organic gardening Med-O-Med

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), through its project ‘Bouregreg Med-O-Med Gardening School’, located in Salé, [...]

FUNCI signs an agreement with the Provincial Council of Albacete

On 9 April, the Provincial Council of Albacete, through its Institute of Albacete Studies ‘Don [...]

Maestre Antonio, master builder and resident of the Villa

Editorial note: The original article was published on 5 May 2024 on the website Arte [...]

Hajj Certificates: A Beautiful History

Hajj certificates are stylised legal documents testifying that a certain individual has participated in the [...]


Piece of the month: the “Taller del Moro”

Throughout the month of March, thanks to the collaboration between the Centre for Studies on [...]

CEMI’s participation in the “Medina” program of RTVE

Last January, the Centre for the Study of Islamic Madrid (CEMI), a project of the [...]

Solidarity and sharing in the Arab-Islamic world

The Big Contradiction Amongst the topics that come up often in debates, newspapers, news, talk [...]

Surnames of Arabic origin

The Arab legacy in the Iberian Peninsula can be seen through multiple and diverse aspects, [...]

FUNCI was present at FITUR 2024

On January 25, the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) was invited to participate in FITUR with [...]

CEMI at FITUR fair. A tour of Islamic Madrid

On January 25, the Center for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), created by de Islamic [...]

Sheikh Hamad Award 2023 for FUNCI

On 13 December 2023 was held in Doha (Qatar) the ninth edition of the Sheikh [...]

The Islamic funerary question in Spain. The case of Zaragoza

Last 18th January the news of the discovery of an ancient Islamic necropolis in the [...]

For a better 2024

Together por Peace, Justice and heath for the Planet.

Islamic Madrid: heritage, identity, and the right to the city II

Urban itineraries Urban itineraries have been the main resource for the exploration, dissemination and valorisation [...]

The Islamic collections of the Museum of Santa Cruz in Toledo

Summary Although part of the cultural heritage has a monumental character, sometimes it is the [...]

Spices and seasonings in the cuisine of al-Andalus II

PART II Seasonings In order to differentiate recipes from one another, to provide a wider [...]