I Interdisciplinary Conference on History and Memory of the Islamic Madrid

The Center for the Study of Islamic Madrid (CEMI) of the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), in collaboration with the Research Group “Christians and Muslims of Medieval Spain”, of the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM), organizes the “I Interdisciplinary Conference on History and Memory of the Islamic Madrid” next 12th and 13th March, 2020, at the Museum of San Isidro.

The goal of this Congress is to explore the state of knowledge of the Islamic history of Madrid and its region, from the Al-Andalus period to the Modern Age. Likewise, it aims at reflecting on the management of the material and immaterial heritage resulting from this historical presence. For this purpose, it focuses on several thematic areas: the Madrid of Al-Andalus, the Mudejar Madrid, the Islamic presence of Madrid during the Modern Age, and the Islamic heritage in the region.

The main research areas involved are Medieval and Modern History, Arab and Islamic Studies, Archaeology, Tourism, and Management and Public Administration. Nonetheless, the program transcends the academic field to include relevant voices in the research and heritage management of Madrid, from institutions to civil society organizations.

Among its thirty participants, we find scholars with a long professional record, such as Eduardo Manzano, María Jesús Viguera Molins, Miguel Ángel de Bunes Ibarra, or Manuel Retuerce Velasco, as well as outstanding professionals in the field, such as Luis Lafuente, director manager of cultural heritage at the Madrid’s City Council, and experts in the Islamic Madrid, like Christine Mazzoli-Guintard, José Manuel Castellanos, or Daniel Gil-Benumeya, CEMI’s scientific coordinator.

The Congress will take place next Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March, 2020, at the Museum of San Isidro (plaza de San Andrés, 2). It is aimed both at students and experts on the field, as well as at the general public.


The sessions are free of charge and open to the public, subject to seating capacity.

However, registration is recommended. Registration is free and grants:

  • Priority access to the panels.
  • Priority access to the complementary activities.
  • Attendance certificate, with a minimum requirement of 80% attendance.

The congress awards 1 optional ECTS credit to undergraduate students from the University Complutense of Madrid, from the following Faculties: Philology, Geography and History, Arts and Humanities, Tourism, Management and Public Administration.

You can register at congreso@madridislamico.org

Click on the following link to see the program (in Spanish): Programa Congreso interdisciplinar de historia y memoria del Madrid islámico