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Piece of the month: the “Taller del Moro”

Throughout the month of March, thanks to the collaboration between the Centre for Studies on [...]

CEMI at FITUR fair. A tour of Islamic Madrid

On January 25, the Center for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), created by de Islamic [...]

The Cerro del Bu: an Islamic siege fortress at Tulaytula

Cerro del Bu is an archaeological site located on a promontory opposite the historic centre [...]

Ibn ‘Arabi and Sufism, a way of reading Islamic architecture

Why does man choose to express himself through art and how does he do so? [...]

Moriscos influence in Rabat and Salé in the 16th and 17th centuries

On 18 May, the Islamic Culture Foundation was invited to participate in the international conference [...]

Madrid, the Andalusian city with many streams

The history of Madrid began in the ninth century, when the Umayyads decided to build [...]

In Saudi Arabia, in the footsteps of the Prophet

Hijrah: in the footsteps of the Prophet. This was the theme chosen by Ithra (the [...]

A research recovers the ancient potters women of the Alhambra

Potters women working for the Alhambra, new chronologies or manufacturing methods are some of the [...]

Introducing the new virtual FUNCI’S tour of Islamic Madrid 

The Centre for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), in collaboration with the Madrid City Council, [...]

Accédez au Programme du “Festival du patrimoine andalou de Rabat et Salé” Du 21 au [...]

Decalogue of good practices for the dissemination of Islamic heritage

Last May 2022, the Islamic Culture Foundation organized the workshop “Islamic Heritage: good practices for [...]

The rise of hydraulic clocks in Morocco

From the water clock erected at the Koutoubia gate by the Almohads to the numerous [...]

Muslims in the Viceroyalty of Peru

To speak on the subject of the Arabs in the viceroyalty, it would be necessary [...]

Uzbekistan, Pearl of the Eastern Muslim world

At the crack of dawn, bright summer sunshine basking the city of Tashkent — the [...]

Andalusia, mon amour, part 1

Al-Andalus in Andalusia Dr Mohamed Chtatou Andalusia is the seduction of Spain. It is believed [...]

Astonishing mosques in China

China has an ambiguous stance in regards to institutionalized faith. On the one hand, the [...]

The Cambridge Mosque garden, a balm for the soul

A year since the ‘eco-mosque’ opened, Islamic garden specialist Emma Clark explains the traditional principles [...]

The Moors of Majorca

When one thinks of the Balearic Islands, Spain’s rich Islamic history doesn’t come to mind [...]

The heritage of Notre Dame – less European than people think

On Monday, as Notre Dame burned before our eyes, it was striking to note how few [...]

FUNCI at a seminar on Islamic economy and tourism

On the 4th to 6th of April, FUNCI participated in several meetings and activities carried [...]