Susana Mangana joins FUNCI

This month we have a reason to celebrate. Professor and researcher Susana Mangana Porteiro has joined the Islamic Culture Foundation’s research team. Susana Mangana holds the Chair in Islam and Arab World at the Catholic University of Uruguay. She has a long research experience and is an active collaborator in the media, as an analyst on international relations and markets. She is currently working on a thesis on the public management of religious diversity in democratic and secular societies at the University of Deusto.

Her main research areas focus on the Arab and Muslim communities in the countries of Mercosur, on social movements and political change in the North of Africa Middle East, and on emergent markets in Uruguay. She is currently working in the research project “El islam mestizo. Una mirada desde la frontera uruguayo-brasileña” (Islam mestizo. A look from the Uruguay-Brasil border), which focuses on the cultural exchange between the immigrant Muslim communities and the host communities in the cities of Artigas and Rivera.

Welcome to FUNCI’s team, Susana!