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The rise of hydraulic clocks in Morocco

From the water clock erected at the Koutoubia gate by the Almohads to the numerous [...]

The Almaden mines, an Andalusi heritage

During the Al-Andalus period, mining activity was very important and the extracted materials were exported [...]

Leonardo Fibonacci and the Indo-Arabic mathematics of nature

Counting the petals of a flower in any of the botanical gardens in the Med-O-Med [...]

Ibn al-Haytham and the rays of ligth

Ibn al-Haytham saw what no other scientist from the Greco-Roman era was able to see [...]

Qalasādi, a Great Andalusi Mathematician

Nowadays we can’t really imagine algebra that doesn’t involve symbols, but there was a time [...]

An epistemological reparation of the Andalusi agronomy

The “Modernity/Colonial” movement is a line of thought appeared in South America at the beginning [...]

The miracle of numbers in the Quran

Even though the miracle of numbers present in the Quran is already known among many [...]

Al-Jwarizmi and the algorithms

Mohammed Ibn Musa al-Jwarizmi (780-850), better known as al-Jwarizmi, was the inventor of the algebra, [...]

Message from Mr Djoghlaf to Med-O-Med

Message from Mr Ahmed Djoghlaf, the Executive Secretary ot the Convention on Biological Diversity, to [...]

Proving the existence of God

The Scientific World is turning to God “As people have certainly been influenced by me, [...]

The world of science in muslim Spain

The exhibition entitled Science in the World of al-Andalus has opened on July 22 in [...]