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Islamic Madrid: heritage, identity, and the right to the city II

Urban itineraries Urban itineraries have been the main resource for the exploration, dissemination and valorisation [...]

Islamic Madrid: heritage, identity, and the right to the city I

Introduction The stigmas and exclusions that weigh on Muslim or perceived Muslim populations in Europe, [...]

Madrid, the Andalusian city with many streams

The history of Madrid began in the ninth century, when the Umayyads decided to build [...]

Introducing the new virtual FUNCI’S tour of Islamic Madrid 

The Centre for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), in collaboration with the Madrid City Council, [...]

Mayrit: from the University to an Erasmus project

During the month of May, the Center for the Study on Islamic Madrid (CEMI) has [...]

A European capital’s forgotten memory: Madrid’s Islamic past

Unexpectedly wedged between vehicles in an underground car park lie the remnants of Madrid’s forgotten [...]

We celebrate the I Interdisciplinary Congress on the History and Memory of the Islamic Madrid

Last May 20th and 21st, we celebrated the I Interdisciplinary Congress on the History and [...]

FUNCI’s new collaboration agreements: networking and a training space

This last year, the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) has signed many collaboration agreements with international [...]

A tour through the maps of Madrid

In these days of “lockdown” for a common good, our colleague Daniel Gil-Benumeya, Scientific Coordinator [...]

Maslama al-Mayriti, Maslama of Madrid

The current capital of Spain is rooted in the Al-Andalus period. Between the years 852 [...]

Visit to Mayrit, with the International Organization for Migration

Last June 10th, in the afternoon, we did one of our guided visits around Madrid [...]

New restoration project of the garden of the Christian wall

The Islamic Culture Foundation will soon begin the rehabilitation works of the garden at the [...]

The hidden Islamic history of Madrid revealed

We portray underneath a brief story on the Islamic origins of Madrid published by reporter [...]

A workshop on eco-halal tourism

In FUNCI, we have been working for a longtime on the development of “halal” tourism. [...]

Madrid, a city of coexistence and peace

The second World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace, which took [...]

Madrid according to the Arabic sources, by M.J. Viguera

This article by Prof. María Jesús Viguera Molíns, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of [...]

Publishing of “Islamic Madrid. A recovered history”

Last June 11th, the Islamic Culture Foundation participated in the Nights of Ramadan, organized by [...]

Muhammad I, fundador de Madrid

Quinto emir omeya de al-Andalus, Muhammad I fue hijo del emir ‘Abd al-Rahmān II y [...]

Presentation of the book “Madrid islámico. La historia recuperada” (Islamic Madrid. A recovered history)

For the second time in a row, the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNC) is participating in [...]

FUNCI signs a collaboration agreement with Madrid City Council

Last March 5th, FUNCI signed a collaboration agreement with the Environment and Mobility Area of [...]