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Spices and seasonings in the cuisine of al-Andalus II

PART II Seasonings In order to differentiate recipes from one another, to provide a wider [...]

Bahrain. A community that forms its culture

Bahrain is home to many sights and attractions, but what brings life and character to [...]

Amazigh women, guardians of language and culture

The complex landscape of language politics of Tamazight and Literary Arabic, influenced by French colonialism, [...]

Muslim women of Castile

Due to its gender identity and its religious option, the Muslim women of Castile were [...]

The Spread of Islam in Ancient Africa

Article written by Mark Cartwright and originally published in Ancient.eu on May 2019. Following the conquest of [...]

Amazigh Identity in Morocco and Algeria

The Amazighs are the oldest inhabitants of North Africa, a proof of that is their [...]

Khamsa, the hand of Fatima

The hand of Fatima has become one of the most common symbols to produce jewels, [...]

We present the book homage to Julio Caro Baroja

Last Saturday June 1st took place the presentation of the book Not of the Letter [...]

Culture beyond borders: the amazigh past of the Canary Islands

The theory of the amazigh origin of the Canary Islands’ population is increasingly confirmed, thanks [...]

Not of the Letter but of the Spirit

Review by the philologist and Historian María Jesús Viguera Molíns (University Complutense of Madrid) for [...]

Not of the letter but of the Spirit

This book gathers different manuscripts, some of them already published and others completely new, from [...]