Not of the Letter but of the Spirit

Article author: María Jesús Viguera Molíns

Date of publication of the article: 02/02/2019

Year of publication: 2019

Review by the philologist and Historian María Jesús Viguera Molíns (University Complutense of Madrid) for the magazine “La Aventura de la Historia” (The Adventure of History) on the book homage to Julio Caro Baroja (Madrid, 1914 – Vera de Bidasoa, 1995) recently published by FUNCI. Caro Baroja was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy, the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and the Spanish Royal Academy of History. He has left a vast work on the widest variety of subjects, among them, those related to the life and history of Al-Andalus.

You can read the review below (in Spanish):