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Moriscos influence in Rabat and Salé in the 16th and 17th centuries

On 18 May, the Islamic Culture Foundation was invited to participate in the international conference [...]

FUNCI receives the Doha international award

Last May 23rd and 24th, the Islamic Culture Foundation participated in the 14th Doha Conference [...]

Ivan Agueli, a painter against Islamophobia

Review of the book Anarchist, Artist, Sufi: The Politics, Painting, and Esotericism of Ivan Aguéli, [...]

FUNCI’s new collaboration agreements: networking and a training space

This last year, the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) has signed many collaboration agreements with international [...]

محمد، هل هو جمهوري ثوري؟

ترجمة: الأستاذ نورالدين بن مبروك في إنجلترا القرن السابع عشر، كان الحديث عن الإسلام طريقة [...]

Muhammad, Republican Revolutionary?

In 17th-century England, talking about Islam was a way of criticising the powers that be. [...]

We co-organize the panel “Countering Islamophobia in Spain”

On March 19, 2019, the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), in collaboration with SETA and Casa [...]

The Influence of the Islamic Civilization in Europe

The Spanish institution Casa Árabe launched, last January 14th, an interesting series of conferences under [...]

عDHUC@ INTEGR@, a new project for diversity

In 2018 we have given a giant leap in education for development with the project [...]

Media & Hate Speech Seminar in Seville (Spain)

The seminar “Minorities and Migration processes: journalism in the face of the new challenges”, organized [...]

FUNCI signs an agreement with the Three Cultures Foundation

Last Thursday, September 22nd, the Islamic Culture Foundation’s Secretary General, Encarna Gutiérrez, signed a collaboration [...]

First “Twistislamophobia” Contest

In the last years, Islamophobia has increased rapidly, driven by tragic international events that have [...]

FUNCI participated in the I European Islamophobia Summit

On June 24-26, 2016, the First European Islamophobia Summit took place in the city of [...]

Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015

The Islamic Culture Foundation presented its report “Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015” last Tuesday, May [...]

A Paris loved by Islam

In response of the terrible attempt of Paris, and  in solidarity with all the victims [...]

Crowdfunding against Islamophobia

Dear friend, Islamophobia is increasing every day. Rejection and incomprehension are growing at an alarming [...]

A European guide for the well-being of pluralist societies

Migrants and their descendants, a Guide to policies for the well-being of all in pluralist [...]

Islamaphobia & ‘Westaphobia’

St Ethelburga’s Centre, in the heart of London, is organising the workshop “Islamaphobia & ‘Westaphobia’: We [...]


Islamophobie Par Alain Gresh Le Monde Diplomatique- Novembre 2001 « Le seigneur ton Dieu te [...]