First “Twistislamophobia” Contest

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In the last years, Islamophobia has increased rapidly, driven by tragic international events that have allowed several political movements and parties to identify the Muslim population as the new scapegoat of the West. Just in Spain, the number of complaints for Islamophobic discrimination has multiplied by four, while far-right parties continue to gain strength in Europe

For this reason, FUNCI has decided to launch the first Photography, Video and Twitter Contest “Twistislamophobia, because differences add”, with the purpose of raising awareness about this alarming prejudice, and of showing that another reality, of coexistence and mutual understanding, is possible.

The aim of this contest is to reflect Islamophobic or discriminatory situations or, from an opposite perspective, to reflect situations of positive coexistence with the Muslim population. Asking for works that treat one of this two topics, the contest offers the possibility of participating in three categories: photography, videos (2 minutes maximum) and tweets.

Among the Jury members we find the renowned photographer Hamadi Ananou, the writers and journalists Teresa Aranguren, Javier Valenzuela, and Mónica G. Prieto, the writer and communication expert Carlos Hernández, and the scriptwriter and expert in new media Blas Maza.

The contest will begin on September 15th, 2016 and its will last until October 15th.

Participate! Only with your help we can change this situation.

Read the contest rules underneath (in Spanish):

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