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Islamic carpets and fabrics in Renaissance art

There is a general awareness of the reason for the presence of textiles of Islamic [...]

Muslim artists portray the month of Ramadan

Last Friday, April 24th began the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims. [...]

Calligraphy to illustrate the everyday life

Calligraphy has historically held a prominent role as a form of artistic expression in the [...]

Yazid Kheloufi, spiritual calligraphy

Yazid Kheloufi’s works show an approach to writing as a means of creation, through calligraphy [...]

Qalam, fan al-kitab

Exhibition catalogue, with technical forms of main manuscripts and works exhibited, most of them inedits. [...]

النقوش الكتابية في الفن

على مر التاريخ، لم يُستخدم فن الكتابة العربية لتدوين ونسخ الكتب فحسب. فمنذ تطوره في [...]

Peace and beauty in Massoudy’s calligraphy

Hassan Massoudy is an artist for whom the word itself remains the most sublime creative force. [...]

Hadith Bayad wa Riyad Manuscript

Elena López Cuenca The purpose of this work is to account for the subject matter [...]