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Leonardo Fibonacci and the Indo-Arabic mathematics of nature

Counting the petals of a flower in any of the botanical gardens in the Med-O-Med [...]

The Cambridge Mosque garden, a balm for the soul

A year since the ‘eco-mosque’ opened, Islamic garden specialist Emma Clark explains the traditional principles [...]

Al-Andalus’ Naturalists and the Mediterranean

The orientalization of the science of Al-Andalus was essential for the later development of the [...]

Hasankeyf: a good bye to a millennial city

Progress and development are two terms commonly used to justify the destruction of heritage and [...]

New restoration project of the garden of the Christian wall

The Islamic Culture Foundation will soon begin the rehabilitation works of the garden at the [...]

An epistemological reparation of the Andalusi agronomy

The “Modernity/Colonial” movement is a line of thought appeared in South America at the beginning [...]

Socotra, island of mysteries

Jordi Esteva’s black and white photos show the enigmas of Socotra that wander through his [...]

La conception de la nature et le paysage en Islam

Ce court métrage sur le réseau international de la FUNCI, Med-O-Med, réalisé à l’occasion du [...]

Présentation du Sommet des Consciences de la COP22 au JEB de Rabat

Le lundi 9 mai a eu lieu au Jardin d’Essais Botaniques (JEB) de Rabat la [...]

Wise Voices

Men and women in Islam have made full use of every drop of fresh water. [...]

Mediterranean Landscape Convention

In Med-O-Med we are working in four inter-connected areas: landscape, education and awareness, research and, [...]

School of Gardening Bouregreg Med-O-Med in Salé

The Islamic Culture Foundation, within the Med-O-Med programme, has signed an agreement with the AAVB [...]

Descriptions of Agdal of Marrakech from History

For the comprehensive restoration of the royal estate Agdal of Marrakech, the team of FUNCI [...]

I Seminary Med-O-Med

The Seminar entitled The al-Andalus Experience: a Model for Preserving Biodiversity was organised by FUNCI, [...]

Almunias of the Islamic West: Rest and Production

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) has sponsored the course Almunias del Occidente Islámico: Solaz y Producción [...]

التوقيع على اتفاقيتين لإعداد وتدبير الحدائق والفضاءات الخضراء بجهة مراكش-تانسيفت-الحوز

مراكش-9-6-2011. تم اليوم الخميس بمراكش التوقيع علىاتفاقيتين لإعداد وتهيئة وتدبير الحدائق والفضاءات الخضراء بجهةمراكش-تانسيفت-الحوز، وذلك [...]

The only living sahabi tree

The last good fellow (sahabi) alive, this is how they call this tree located in [...]

Technical visit to Southern Lebanon and Palestine

Last week, Francisco Martín, projects technician at the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), travelled to Lebanon [...]

Islam’s view of Nature

Islam contains an elaborate hierarchy of knowledge integrated by the principle of Divine Unity (tawhid). [...]

FUNCI in a Campus of Excellence for environment

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), through its International Cooperation Programme Med-O-Med, Cultural Landscapes of the [...]