Manifeste en faveur de la Paix

Manifeste en faveur de la Vie, de la Paix, de l’Égalité Fundación Cultura de Paz [...]

Manifeste en faveur de la Vie et de la Paix

Chaque jour, selon la FAO, près de 35 000 enfants meurent de faim. C’est un [...]


Islamophobie Par Alain Gresh Le Monde Diplomatique- Novembre 2001 « Le seigneur ton Dieu te [...]

Persian visions

Contemporary Photography From Iran presents more than 80 images that provide a revealing view of [...]

Palestinian archaeology

A Future for the Past: Petrie’s Palestinian Collection highlights the extraordinary finds made by the [...]

La fin du ramadan

Puisque tu pars Le temps passe, le temps est passé. Ces journées de jeûne, ces [...]

Contre une lecture machiste de l’islam

Des féministes musulmanes plaident leur cause à Madrid. Juriste, médecin, cinéaste : des féministes musulmanes ont [...]

Sahara Nomads in a Modern World

Art of Being Tuareg The elegance and beauty of the Tuareg peoples —their dress and [...]

A prize for the banker to the poor

A Bangladeshi who established a bank for the poor and is regarded as one of [...]

Sacred month of Ramadan

Around 1.2 billion people in the World have started the fast of the sacred month [...]

Islam, irrationality and violence

A person supposedly as wise and a man of peace, such as the Pope Benedict [...]

Dialogue des peuples et des cultures

Entre l’automne 2006 et l’été 2007 se tiendront dans de différents pays une série de [...]

How much longer?

One country bombed two countries. Such impunity might astound were it not business as usual. [...]

Andalusian gardens in Aleppo

On July 12 last the Islamic Culture Foudation (FUNCI), by invitation of the Municipal Authorities [...]

The Islamic Culture Foundation in Syria

ISESCO, an institution under the authority of the Organisation for the Islamic Conference, has declared [...]

Amr Moussa speech

Presentation made by Mr. Amr Moussa Secretary General of the League of Arab States of the [...]

Freedom of expression and religion

This is the text of the Resolution 1510 (2006) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council [...]

Résolution sur la liberté d’expression

Voici le texte intègre de la Résolution 1510 (2006) promue par l’Assemblée Parlementaire su Conseil de [...]

Another world is possible

The II World Social Forum on Migrations “Another world is possible” will be held in Madrid Region [...]

India Islamic Cultural Centre

Sonia Gandhi inaugurates India Islamic Culture Centre New Delhi, June 12 Congress party president and [...]