La culture soufie à Fès

Du 27 avril au 2 mai 2007 se tiendra à la ville de Fès (Maroc), la [...]

Nouvelle traduction du Coran

Source: Religioscope 12 Apr 2007 Ce mois sort des presses une nouvelle traduction anglaise du [...]

Schools in Palestine

A friend forwarded the photos below to me.  Without exaggeration, this could very well be [...]

Agreement between FUNCI and CEMOC

Funci signs an agreement with the Centre for Contemporary Middle-Eastern Studies (CEMOC). On Monday April [...]

Algiers remembers al-Andalus

Between April 2 and 4 last the city of Algiers hosted the international congress entitled [...]

Halal trademark

Assalamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters; The following is an urgent appeal to all muslims worldwide to [...]

Le soufisme andalou au douzième siècle

Communication lue à l’occasion du Colloque International “La Civilisation Musulmane en Andalousie. Ve siècle de [...]

Manifesto in Favor of Life and Equality

Sended by: Foundation for a Culture of Peace According to the FAO 35,000 children die from [...]

La colonisation intellectuelle

L’intellectuel colonisé et post-colonisé selon Frantz Fanon, Ali Shariati et Edward Saïd (partie I) Source: [...]

International recognition for Funci’s web site

Our web site, has been recently featured in a number of design portals. The overwhelmingly [...]

1001 inventions. Muslim Heritage

First Anniversary of the 1001 Inventions Initiative. Global Expansion Plans Today marks the first anniversary [...]

Cultural conflicts resolution

The Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (to wich the Islamic Culture Foundation [...]

Art & Identity in the Land of the Prophet

Edge of Arabia. Art & Identity in the Land of the Prophet The Brunei Gallery [...]

Islamaphobia & ‘Westaphobia’

St Ethelburga’s Centre, in the heart of London, is organising the workshop “Islamaphobia & ‘Westaphobia’: We [...]

Armenian Photographers View the East

In the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th, [...]

A festival for Middle Eastern peace

From Wednesday 7 February – Sunday 11 March 2007 the 4th Annual Edinburgh International Festival [...]

Shi’i Ashura

Religious festival of Islam, celebrated on the 10th day of the Muslim month of Muharram [...]

About Tuaregs

  Tuaregs have always lived in the north-west territories of Africa. They live mainly in [...]

Venise, porte d’Orient

La naissance de la musique baroque en Italie L’Europe du XVIIe siècle, à la recherche [...]

Poterie rurale du Nord du Maroc

L’Association Terres des Femmes est une association siégée au Maroc qui s’occupe de la sauvegarde [...]