Schools in Palestine

A friend forwarded the photos below to me.  Without exaggeration, this could very well be a daily scene, with hundreds of check-points all over the occupied territories that virtually no useful purpose other than to harrasse and humiliate the Palestinian population.

It caught my attention, as did possibly millions others, the story of the Palestinian Prisoner, Manal Ghanem, a Palestinian refugee mother of four from the Tulkarem Refugee Camp who just been released from Delmont Israeli prison after serving a sentence of four years for resisting (Peacefully) the Israeli occupation.

Manal gave birth while in prison – when incarcerated she was already a few months pregnant – to a fourth child, Nour. Two years later, Nour was seperated from the mother upon weaning.  It was not until two days ago when Manal was realesed that she joined with her 4 year old child for the first time.

Manal expressed mixed feelings leaving prison.  She says she left behind another in the same prison 12 Palestinian mothers, six of whom are kept in vaults underground in solitary confinement for the past 9 months and are suffering from skin diseases.  These 12 mothers are part of hundred women kept in Israeli Jails.  Their crimes are the right of expression to resist the worst and the longest occupation in History (Read President Carter’s book “Palestine: Peace Or Apartheid”) .

Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Ms. Merkel, American Christian Right: “Talk to Me About Democracy; About Human Rights; and The Imminent Second Coming Of Christ” !

Sended by: Rajai