Halal trademark

Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

The following is an urgent appeal to all muslims worldwide to sign a petition which will insha’Allah help forward our case to National and International Governments to officially recognize the ‘Halal Trademark’.

For the sake of Allah and for the benefit of ‘Your’ future, please take a moment to sign it, support it and then pass it on. This is our case (Struggle). Let’s be united in this case. The victory will belong to Muslims; we need to stand up for our very own rights! If we won’t then no one will.

Please don’t ignore this. May Allah reward you all generously… The following is a petition to internationally recognize the ‘Halal Trademark’ that guarantees a product which complies with the Islamic Sacred Law the (Shariah). Please do take a few minutes off your time to read, sign, send, and then pass the following address to all Muslims local and abroad. This will surely affect every male/female Muslim in the world.

Please try and fight for your rights to have Halal recognized products worldwide. If Napster can secure 100,000 signatures to stay online then what’s 5 million between 1.3 billion Muslims?

Please do sign and secure a Halal future for our tomorrow. I hope that you will take a minute to sign, send, and then pass the following address to all Muslims local and abroad.



May Allah reward you all!

PS. Lets try and get 10 million signatures by 30th Inshallah it’s not impossible. Try and forward this link to as many as possible. We are hoping to take this case to the European Union. As they do not ‘recognize’ the word ‘Halal’ in the EU food Act….as they told a fellow Muslim.

Thank you for your time.