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An Ecological Gardening Guide (Guide de jardinage écologique)

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), through its project “Bouregreg Gardening School of Med-O-Med“, located in [...]

Not of the letter but of the Spirit

This book gathers different manuscripts, some of them already published and others completely new, from [...]

Qalam, fan al-kitab

Exhibition catalogue, with technical forms of main manuscripts and works exhibited, most of them inedits. [...]

Los aromas de Al-Andalus

The different mediterranean and oriental spices routes over the Middle Age. Historic and ethnobotanic descriptions [...]

Aragón vive su Historia

Catalogue of the Primeras Jornadas Internacionales de Cultura Islámica, Aragón vive su Historia. Instituto Occidental [...]

Islam y Constitucionalismo: un diálogo abierto

This book gathers the results of an extensive research whose main goal is to deepen [...]

El enigma del agua en Al-Andalus

Exhaustive and rigorous publication about the role of the water in Al-Andalus, or Muslim Spain, [...]

Arte, tecnología y literatura hispano musulmanes

Catalogue of the homonymous exhibition, in the frame of the II Islamic Culture Conference Aragón [...]

Al-Andalus, ocho siglos de Historia

Minutes of the I Jornadas de Cultura Islámica Al-Andalus, ocho siglos de Historia, Toledo, 1987, [...]

Al-Andalus, culinary magic and seduction

Small publication about the cuisine in Al-Andalus, the products, the agriculture, the food philosophy and [...]

El Islam, patrimonio de todos

Exhibition catalogue with pedagogical texts and abundant colour pictures of prestigious Spanish photographers such as [...]

Gardens of Al-Andalus

Publication wich accompanies the exhibition of FUNCI Gardens of Al-Andalus, and includes all the text [...]