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For a better 2024

Together por Peace, Justice and heath for the Planet.

Madrid, the Andalusian city with many streams

The history of Madrid began in the ninth century, when the Umayyads decided to build [...]

In Saudi Arabia, in the footsteps of the Prophet

Hijrah: in the footsteps of the Prophet. This was the theme chosen by Ithra (the [...]

Ramadan Mubarak 1444

For a peaceful month of Ramadan, bringing peace and inner calm.

A research recovers the ancient potters women of the Alhambra

Potters women working for the Alhambra, new chronologies or manufacturing methods are some of the [...]

The defensive watchtower of the Taifal Mayrit

Between 1995 and 1997, a defensive structure was identified in the Plaza de Oriente (Madrid), [...]

Introducing the new virtual FUNCI’S tour of Islamic Madrid 

The Centre for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), in collaboration with the Madrid City Council, [...]

A new essay on Râbi’a Al Adawiyya

We reproduce an excerpt of an interview with the Moroccan thinker and theologian Asma Lamrabet, [...]

Happy New Year!

Peace and Love for 2023!

Al-Andalus for a united Mediterranean

From 21 to 23 October 2022, the Andalusian Heritage Festival of Rabat and Salé (Morocco) [...]

Accédez au Programme du “Festival du patrimoine andalou de Rabat et Salé” Du 21 au [...]

Eid Mubarak Saeed

We wish you a joyful and peaceful celebration.

Happy New Year

We wish you a very peaceful and flourishing Year

The heritage of Al-Andalus in Peruvian food

The Arab influence on Peruvian and other Latin American cuisine is unmistakable. Here is an [...]

Eid al-Adha Mubarak

Make use of medical treatment, for Allah has not made a desease without appointing a [...]