This big exhibition of manuscripts and archeological exhibits, organized at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, in Rabat, in 2010, is an homage to the cultural, scientific, and spiritual blooming of Islam in the West, through its written works. It was launched in the frame of international cooperation, on the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the European Union, and with the assistance of the Spanish Embassy in Rabat and the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, among other Spanish and Moroccan institutions.

On the one hand, the exhibition shows the importance of words, knowledge and its transmission within Islam. On the other, the perfection that the arts of the book have reached throughout the centuries: the paper and parchment, the ink, calligraphy…


The goal of Qalam, fan al-kitab is to show the value of the Andalusi and Maghrebi writing legacy in manuscripts and works of art –many of them unseen before–, thus, proving that the intellectual and scientific exchange between both shores of the Mediterranean was particularly fruitful. Along with the exhibition, different exhibition displays and calligraphy workshops in contemporary Arabic were organized, as well as specialized courses on manuscript restoration promoted by Morocco’s National Library.

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