Islam y Constitucionalismo: un diálogo abierto

Autor/autores: FUNCI, various authors

Año de la publicación: 2015

Ciudad de publicación: Madrid

Editorial: Fundación de Cultura Islámica €

Número de páginas: 302 €

Información adicional: Softcover, black and white illustrations. €

ISBN: 978-8460827412 €

Precio: 14 €

MITAHQ PORTADAThis book gathers the results of an extensive research whose main goal is to deepen on the Islam’s potential to contribute to the formation of political and legal solutions aiming at the renovation of political institutions in both shores of the Mediterranean. Carried out by the Islamic Culture Foundation in collaboration with a wide range of scholars of international recognition, this book offers an analysis of the current debate surrounding Islamic constitutionalism, thus gathering the main and original contributions.