Madrid according to the Arabic sources, by M.J. Viguera

This article by Prof. María Jesús Viguera Molíns, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of History and collaborator of the Islamic Culture Foundation, presents a compilation of Arabic and Andalusi sources on the Islamic Madrid, gathering chronicles, anthologies, bibliographic catalogues, among others. Throughout this review, the author recovers the history of the Andalusi and medieval Madrid, lost by the fast demographic growth the city experienced since its designation as capital of the country in 1561 and the attempt of re-writing its history it has been subject to. These sources date back to the historical chronicles of Ibn Hayyan (Kitab al-muqtabis fi ta’rij riyal al-Andalus) or Ibn Hazm (Naqt al-‘arus fi tawaij al-julafa’), from the 13th century, and include up to the literary and geographical chronicles of the15th century, such as the Kitab al-anis al-mutrib bi-rawd al-qirtas fi ajbar muluk al-Magrib wa-ta’rij madinat Fas (14th century). These reflect the city’s history and cultural and political life, and offer an interesting and instructive look to Mayrit between the 10th and 16th century.