FUNCI participates at the workshop Europe plural and mixed

Next May 9th, on the occasion of Europe Day and the organization of the Festival Europe Freedom by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Casa Árabe Madrid has launched the workshop “Europe plural and mixed”.

This academic workshop’s goal is to develop the impact the Islamic culture had on Europe, its current force and its influence in the shaping of a multicultural and multireligious continent. This reflection needs an approach that doesn’t only stress the historical factors of this relation, but also the current presence of Muslim communities in Europe and the interdependence of this continents’ relations and influences. With this aim, Casa Árabe has invited several scholars and institutions specialized in this topic, among them, Eduardo Manzando and Fernando Rodríguez Mediano (researchers at the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research), Luis Miguel Bueno Padilla (member of the EEAS), or Amor Ali (professor of sociology, American University of Cairo), as well as Encarna Gutiérrez, Secretary General of the Islamic Culture Foundation.

Casa árabe de MadridThe workshop takes as its point of departure the Recommendation 1162 “The Contribution of the Islamic Civilization to European Culture”, issued in 1991 by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and promoted by FUNCI, with the aim of analyzing the current influence exerted by this civilization and the historical impact it has held.

The Islamic Culture Foundation will coordinate the first panel of the workshop: “The contribution of the Arab-Muslim civilization to Europe, yesterday and today”.

You can see below the full technical data and the program of the workshop:

Title: “Europe plural and mixed”

Organized by: Casa Árabe

Schedule: Thursday, May 9th. 11.00 – 17.00h

Address: C/ Alcalá 62, 28009, Madrid


11:00     Welcome

Pedro Martínez-Avial, General Director, Casa Árabe

Domènec Ruiz Devesa, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development

11:15    The contribution of the Arab-Muslim civilization to Europe, yesterday and today


Eduardo Manzano Moreno, researcher-professor, Center for Human and Social Sciences, CSIC

Fernando Rodríguez Mediano, researcher, Institute for Mediterranean Languages and Cultures (ILC-CCHS), CSIC

Luis Francisco Martínez Montes, diplomat and autor of España: una historia global Moderator: Encarna Gutiérrez, Secretary General, FUNCI

13:15     Launch break

15:00     Europe as a melting-pot and a critical-thinking lab


Amro Ali, professor of sociology, American University of Cairo

Virtudes Téllez Delgado, professor at the Department of Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology and Esthetics, University of Catilla-La Mancha

Moderator: Luis Miguel Bueno Padilla, European External Action Service (EEAS)