Educational Program (education)

Education and training are essential for human development, to fight against poverty and to ensure natural and cultural environment conservation. Therefore, we are launching pedagogical programs within the non-formal education system, as well as job training workshops concerning topics related to cultural heritage and biodiversity conservation, in which we integrate the knowledge provided by the Islamic civilization.

Heritage is defined as “a range of goods positively valued, which have been transferred from the past to the present, the integrity of the which it is necessary to protect and enjoy, and that can be increased but never reduced or wasted before being transferred to future generations”. (Nature, culture and natural heritage. Towards a culture of nature), Thomas Heyd.

Thus, we contribute to a sustainable development of our societies from the grounds of Islamic cultural tradition, where it has always existed an important link between the human being and nature.

Our goals

  1. To promote the understanding between peoples and an intercultural dialogue based on respecting other ways of life.
  2. To take part in the creation of balanced and equitable societies.
  3. To raise awareness on our historic, cultural and natural heritage and on the management of scientific, cultural and sustainably natural resources.
  4. To integrate into the environmental guidelines a multidisciplinary approach targeting biodiversity conservation.
  5. To foster social integration and labour insertion among minority groups (youth and women).