The Mawlid Celebration (1438 – 2016)

Profeta-MuhammadDuring these days, a big part of the Muslim world will celebrate the Mawlid or birth of the Prophet (pbuh). This celebration takes place on the 2nd day of the Rabia Al Awal month, according to the Muslim calendar. Its equivalent in the Gregorian calendar varies from one year to another.

Mawlid_MalasiaAlthough it is not considered one of the canonical celebrations, as it was not celebrated during the first centuries of Islam, it is commemorated in many majority Muslim countries, through collective prayers in mosques and zawiyat (sufi congregations), invocations, and charitable actions. Its main objective is to encourage the memory of the Prophet’s life, his matchless character, his braveness, generosity and spirituality, with the purpose of emulating them as much as possible. This is the whole purpose and value of this important annual celebration.

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