O jerusalem!

“Prayed Al-Fajr prayer this early morning at Al-Aksa Mosque in Beautiful, ever beautiful Jerusalem.  Not the religious person I am, attending prayer symbolized and and signified for me a sign of defiance, a desperate, for desperate stand of affirmation of identity in a fast, very fast obliteration of the Arab identity of the City and the overwhelming Jaudization by fraudulent grab by ever intent Jewish robbing of the whole holly city.

Upon stepping out of the mosque into the wide at the first rays of a breaking dawn, into the very spacious yard, the colors of the sky with a fading crescent moon ushering the imminent rising of Jerusalem sun combined with the songs in unison of all kind of birds trotting the pinnacles of the thousands of different type of trees scattered as in the brush of a master painter to render the scene most majestic, breath taking and very, very ominously sad.  Omnously sad as the place and the whole City of Jerusalem could very well be on its last breath.

At the threshold of the Sixties the most despondent thought and sensation for an elder who visited the place and beloved City of Jerusalem since gaining consciousness as a child is: Guilt; Shame and Anger.

Guilt and Shame for failure of my generation to not having delivered Jerusalem from the ugliest and most racist of colonizing Occupation; and, Anger, on the Arabs and Palestinians of the diaspora who are nearly completely blinded to the fast changing fate of Jerusalem and the Occupied West Bank and whose interest and emphasis lie in totally different focus and direction; on the Western powers, foremost the US Administration and the western powers, the hegemonic hypocritical powers at the source of the

Palestinian sufferings and the sustainers of the perpetuation and expansion of the illegal occupation and terrible oppression of the Occupied.

My bewilderment is compounded of who truly I am, with my true roots and belonging: Labeled an Arab of whom his Arab kinship are in totally different mode; of a Palestinian whose Arab folks in the Diaspora are hooked on a blind and uncompromising quest of wealth as an absolute and final objective as the rest remains empty promises and talk holding no water.

Will relate the full story in a subsequent writing”.

By: Rajai Jerusalem