Journey to Pakistan Film launched online

We are very proud to announce the launch of the first film from Journey to Pakistan 2010.

To watch, comment and debate. The films will be launched on a weekly basis corresponding to each day of the Expedition, so remember to visit the site on Monday to watch Episode 2! As well as films, there are blogs, photo galleries, videos and art pieces from each member of the team.

Day 1: What is my idea of Pakistan? As an introduction to daily life in Pakistan, we headed to the local market in Islamabad in order to get kitted out with made-to-measure shalwar kameez. The team visited cloth shops, tailors, and spoke with craftsmen, tradesmen and curious passers-by.

Overwhelming impressions from the first day were of open hospitality, beautiful scenery and thriving skilled trades which are now becoming less obvious in Britain. Read Fayyadh’s blog

Have a look through the photos from Day 1. Join the Facebook page.

Teachers, each film episode has a corresponding lesson plan and downloadable resources, which are available for your use here. Class activities cover curriculum themes in a range of subjects, including English and Citizenship.

Our aim is to share with as many people as possible that Pakistan, although not without its problems, is very multi-dimensional, full of positivity, beauty and hope, as our young team experienced.

Sarah Hobbs

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