Jews united against zionism

Article author: Assalam Alaikum - Neturey Karta

Year of publication: 2009

Following is a letter that was sent from Neturei Karta to Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar Co-Founder of Hamas:

January 25, 2008 To the Honorable Doctor Mamoud Al-Zahar.

“To the Distinguished People of Gaza and the entire Palestine.  Assalam Alaikum.

May the Almighty’s blessing be on you, your family and all our esteemed brethren in Gaza and the entire Palestine. With a heavy heart and great sorrow, we address these words to you, at this present time. We speak to you as the voice and the messengers of true Jewry — the Jewish people, true to the Almighty’s Torah, from around the world.

Although we are limited in the means of expressing our deepest and true feelings, by the barriers of words, nevertheless, the Jewish people humbly offer to you and all of Gaza and the entire Palestine, a few words, to attempt to convey our deepest sorrow and heartfelt sympathy that we all feel for you, in this present tragic and traumatic time.

Great pain and sorrow has engulfed us by the tragic news of what has befallen you and your family, by the senseless murder of your dear son, Hussam and prior to this calamity, your other precious possession, your other son, Khaled. We have not the words to console you, but our prayers are to the great Almighty, to console and comfort you and yours, upon this great tragedy. Amen.

It would be only proper and fitting, that we personally write to and address each and everyone who has fallen a victim of the Zionist state of “Israel”. Unfortunately and how tragic, the list of victims is daunting. May our few and humble words be a message of consolation, friendship, loyalty and support, to you and all of Gaza and the entire Palestine. True Jews around the world, of course including in the entire Palestine, never have and with the help of the Almighty, never will accept the ideology of Zionism and never will recognize the realization of its heretical plan, the state of “Israel”.

Our sole bond is with the Almighty and His Torah. Our sage’s state that we are required to emulate the Almighty, “just as the Almighty is compassionate, so are we to be compassionate.” We always have and always will, with the help of the Almighty, remain unaffiliated and estranged from this aberration and the will of Satan, “Zionism and the state of Israel”.

May we remind you, that the Almighty has clearly and explicitly commanded us, the Jewish people, since the destruction of the temple, around two thousand years ago, to be humble and loyal citizens in every country in which we reside. Furthermore, we are not to rebel against nations, we are not to attempt to end our exile. We are forbidden to create our own state or own entity. We are to pray for, yearn for, and wait patiently for, the day when the Almighty will reveal his glory throughout the world. At that time, all humanity together, will go up to the Holy Land, in harmony and brotherhood, to serve the Almighty in joy and peace.

Around one hundred years ago, the Zionists began arriving in Palestine in order to bring to fruition the realization of their dream, the transformation of Judaism from a religion into a nationalism. And so began the sorrowful and bitter history of the rebellion, the mutiny against the Almighty, which eventually evolved into the illegitimate state of “Israel”.

Since the creation of the state of “Israel”, the Palestinian people and at a later date, the Lebanese people have continuously suffered indescribably. They have been oppressed, beaten, murdered, humiliated, displaced and expelled. Although, this letter and the present moment, is not the proper place and time to delve into the issue of our personal suffering at the Zionist regime’s hands, still we feel it is necessary to bring these facts to the Arab people’s attention.

Our sages state that to know that many people share ones suffering, alleviates the suffering somewhat. Also, it is to demonstrate to all, the sincerity in our opposition to this tumorous growth on the Jewish nation — the so-called state of “Israel”. Therefore, let us state that since these sinners and atheists, Theodore Herzl and his cohorts, raised their repugnant voices in promulgating their ideology of the devil, the heresy of Zionism, Jewish people too, have suffered indescribably both physically and spiritually at their hands.

Our God fearing brethren throughout the entire Palestine, have been and are continually beaten, murdered, imprisoned and oppressed, since the beginning of Zionism up until today.(1)

They are and have always been the victims of these same perpetrators of evil, who are oppressing the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Let it be known that our true leaders, the Rabbis and Sages in Palestine, the Middle-East, Europe, and throughout the world, have vociferously and most fervently expressed their total opposition to Zionism and the state of “Israel”, since its inception.

They have decried and condemned all the evils that it has wrought, the oppression of the Palestinian people, and more recently the Lebanese people. They have decried the oppression of the religious Jews and the state of “Israel’s” constant attempts, at eradicating and destroying anything that is G-dly and religious.

They have tirelessly and fearlessly publicly demonstrated, at great self sacrifice, their opposition to this rebellion against the Almighty. Countless edicts have been issued from our saintly leaders requiring the Jewish people, true to the Almighty and His Torah, to distance and estrange themselves from this sinful and illegitimate state of “Israel” and all the evils that emanate from it.

Thank the Almighty their message has been heard around the world by many God-fearing Jews and they have obeyed. What’s more, untold thousands have stood by their Rabbis and many thousands continuously demonstrate fearlessly, till today, throughout occupied Palestine and throughout the world, against the state of “Israel”.

All of the above is well documented, but stifled by the powers of the Zionist media control and by the intimidation of all who dare to confront or reveal the truth.(2)

One more issue is important to mention, beside the many commandments in the Torah of doing good and the requirement of emulating the Almighty “just as He is compassionate, so must we be”, and besides the clear prohibitions against Zionism.

We are exceptionally sensitive to the Palestinian and Lebanese people’s plight, for we the Jewish people, have just recently experienced extreme discrimination and all the tragic sufferings in the concentration camps in Europe.

Our close relatives have suffered indescribably and died there. Also we know and have experienced what it means to be displaced as we have all been uprooted from our original homes and dwellings throughout Europe. This of course compounds our understanding and feelings for the Palestinian and Lebanese suffering.

To date, it seems to our human and limited comprehension, that this evil entity, the state of “Israel”, will, God forbid, never cease to exist and it will continue to exude its evils, on the innocent and God fearing people under its control.

However, remember and comfort yourselves, our brethren in Palestine and Lebanon, there is a great and exalted, benevolent, Master of the Universe, who truly controls the world. He can and will end this suffering!!

In the Torah it states, that transgressing against the Almighty, will not be successful. This state of “Israel”, according to the Almighty’s Torah, must and will eventually end. Let us all pray and beseech Him, to bring about the total, peaceful and speedy dismantlement of this illegitimate state soon in our days. With the Almighty’s benevolence, may He make this happen, without any further pain or suffering.


Please convey this message to each and every one of your brethren suffering under this oppression of “Zionism — Israel”. Especially important, please convey this message to the bereaved relatives of the fallen victims, the wounded and maimed, and most certainly to the ones languishing in Israeli prisons and to the ones lying in pain in hospitals. Convey to them our solidarity and words of comfort and support. We are humiliated by the actions of those who use our name, and our hearts are rent by what is happening to them.

We implore you to convey the message to the people in Gaza and Palestine, that there are untold thousands of Jews worldwide and in Palestine who stand with you and who entirely oppose Zionism and the state of “Israel” and bear no responsibility for the actions of the Zionists. Educate your people that when you meet Jewish people, do not consider them your enemy. We all serve the one God. Once again, we constantly pray — worry and hope for you all. May we merit to see soon in our days, the total, speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the state of “Israel”. May the Almighty bring upon us the words of His prophecies when all men will serve Him in harmony, peace and joy.


Assalam Alaikum. Very truly yours,

Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. USA, Canada

Rabbi Meir Hirsh, Palestine

Rabbi Ahron Cohen, United Kingdom

Source: Neturey Karta International

January 2008