EuroArab Chairs in Granada

Article author: FUNCI

Date of publication of the article: 20110624

Year of publication: 2011

On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Program of the EuroArab Chairs, the EuroArab Foundation for Higher Studies of Granada (Spain) is pleased to invite you.

It is an international convention launched by the Euro Arab Foundation under the patronage of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the Development, for university professors, Scientists, investigators, intellectuals and artists whose carrers are respectly recognized in their field of work. Applications finally selected to promote the respective chairs, will develop during their post of three months in the seat of the foundation in Granada, which is a program of academic activities and research in agreement with the bases of the summons.

This program offers for the year of 2008 three international chairs in the specialities of Social sciences and Governance, Environment and

Sustainable development and that of the Arts and Cultures, each one has a grant of 9.000 euro, with provision for housing within the city of Granada during this period. By means of this program the EuroArab Foundation for Higher Studies aims, in agreement with its constituent principles, to facilitate the exchange in research and in education, between academics, investigators, Scientifics and cultural institutions of the Mediterranean Basin.

For more information:

Juan Montabes. EuroArab Foundation for Higher Studies. San Jerónimo, 27, 18001 Granada, Spain.

Tef: +34 958 20 65 08, Fax: +34 958 20 83 54.