Dignity and a fulfilled honorable life?

Watching a clip of a recent interview with Norman Finkelstein upon a recent visit he concluded in Lebanon, the renowned US Political Science Professor’s spirit of relentless defiance appeared most impressively unwaned. Finkelstein’s strong message to “Freedom and Dignity Lovers” that states in essence – coming from Finkelstein the Jew whose parents are survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and himself the target of most vicious blackmail campaign that cost him MOST UNJUSTLY his tenure as professor at DePaul University in Chicago, a year ago, “Die Standing on Your Feet; You Can Crawl Appeasing the Forces of Darkness, However, You Would Never Gain My Respect, Nor Have a True Meaning to Your Life,” This what men of dignity are doing in Palestine and Lebanon against overwhelming odds, as the rest of the Arabs, both Officialdom and populous “Crawl in Indignity.”

The Video Clip in the Video Below gives an example of the face of a neighbor that Arab Officialdom ad the great majority of the Arab populace, foremost the apologists, are willing to appease out of egotistical desires to fulfill immediate personal material gratifications “Et Apres Moi, Le Deluge.” Great men who “Die on Their Feet Upholding High Human Principles, Where Charity First Start at Home,” never die as their legacy survives their physical disappearne, for their spirit lives on to guide all those want to live as free men with dignity and a fulfilled honorable life.


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