AYAT Magazine

Ayat-ENG_1-001Ayat: This Arabic Word comprises all that we understand by symbols, denotations or manifestations.  The same holy concepts are covered by the Koranic verses.  As seen in the Sacred Book they are inferences that help us understand the little nuances and details of life.  Signs that reveal to us the human essence and the meaning of the cosmos: they show us the need to develop as human beings.  We need to take warning of danger, but also to look around us with intuition, and to listen.

Life is full of messages that stir us to open our eyes and enlarge our souls: this is why we need to be attentive to them! When we understand the message of life we can learn a great lesson from every moment and from every sign.

It is not the objective of this new magazine to give masterly lessons on the human condition and its relation with the divine.  Rather it is simply to open Windows to different articulations that speak to us about the current state of the greater part of Muslim society, of its yearnings, of its creativity and of the reinstatement of its traditions.  Through the seeking of signs that flourish in everyday life by way of literary, artistic, philosophic and scientific testament.


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