Al-Taj for Health Annual Report

Making a Difference in our Community’s Health

Al-Taj Board Members are pleased to share with you our Annual Report – 2007.

As part of our commitment to transparency with our donors and community, we are proud to present our activities and a summary of our financial report. This report presents our varied activities undertaken during the past year to promote and protect our people’s health.

The support of our community and donors funding forms the basis of our success, enabling us to continue growing and establish our roots to become a leading and credible organization addressing health issues for Arraba community and the Arab sector in Israel.

Mission Statement

Al-Taj (the Crown in Arabic) is a non-partisan, community based NGO, located in Arraba, Israel. Al-Taj was established in July 2005 by multi-disciplinary volunteers to promote equitable health care to our community, specializing in diabetes education and palliative care to cancer patients in the Arab sector.

Vision: improve quality of life by implementing innovative and efficient programs to promote the health of cancer and diabetic patients, their families, and ultimately all of our community.

Mission: health promotion by raising awareness for prevention, early detection and improve management and outcome of cancer and diabetes in the Arab sector.

Achievements in Our Areas of Work


Publication – Publishing the first comprehensive book in Arabic “Diabetes Mellitus – the Era Plague”. The book was distributed for free to poor patients and for the nominal price of 20 NIS to others. Great media coverage about book and its content. Study Day – Organizing the first regional Diabetes Study Day for patients and families from Galilee. The program included lectures by three leading diabetes specialists dealing with pathophysiology, complications and new therapy options. Added, lectures by a dietician about healthy food and nutrition and by a physiotherapist stressing the importance of physical activity for diabetes patients.

TV Coverage – Complete coverage on HOT TV News in Arabic about diabetes in Arraba and an interview with Al-Taj Director about diabetes prevalence and the book.

Public Lectures – Conducting lectures to lay public and school children on diabetes prevention and early detection.

Patient Lectures – Lectures to Diabetes patients about anatomy, pathology, signs and symptoms, complications, self-control and good management of diabetes. Sessions were held in Arraba, Sachnin, Beir Almksor, Eilaboun, Deir Hana and Wadi Salameh.

Media Coverage – Articles and slides in media and local TV about diabetes prevention (risk factors), early detection and the importance of blood glucose balance in preventing complications.

Affiliation – Al-Taj was elected to become the first branch in the Arab sector of the Israeli Diabetes Association. We plan to join forces holding regional seminars, adding Arabic articles and presentations at the Association’s website, printing a diabetes magazine in Arabic and more.


Lectures by Professionals – Lectures of leading specialist on Breast cancer and other topics. Publication – Editing the materials to print the first ever book in the Arab world in “Cancer and Palliative Care” in Arabic.

Public Awareness – Health promotion articles and slides on media and local TV dealing with cancer prevention and the importance of early detection.

Lectures for Children – Health promotion lectures to school children dealing with healthy life style, physical activities and smoking prevention.

Lectures for Nurses – Lectures to nurses at Rothschild Hospital, Haifa on: “Nursing and drug therapy to terminally-ill cancer patients” and on “Nursing the Muslim patient”

Conference – On March 19th 2008, Al-Taj is going to present a lecture on “Islamic Views on Death and Dying” at“ The Second International Conference on Palliative Care in Different Cultures” in Eilat.


Publications – Diabetes Study Day and printing the Diabetes book was fully supported by a grant from Pfizer Community Fund, Israel ($ 8,000) through their project “The Right to Health is in Your Hands” in collaboration with the New Israel Fund.

Health Awareness Projects – Health Promotion projects were funded by MAP-UK ($ 15,000 for the period 10/06 – 9/07).

Disease Awareness Projects – Cancer and diabetic projects funded by a grant from the Sobell Foundation – UK (£ 5,000 for each year 2007 and 2008).

Equipment – Laptops where purchased by partial support (£ 1,220) from the Wolfson Foundation – UK.

Future Directions for Development

Home Hospice – Establishment of the first Home Hospice caring for Arab cancer patients.

Publications – Publishing the Palliative Care book in Arabic.

Networking – Collaboration with Health Funds, local, regional and national NGO’s dealing with health issues in Arab sector such as Galilee Society and others.

A focus on the following to improve quality of life:

To improve people’s health status and to preserve their right to live with dignity.

More focus on life style modification and prevention of cancer and diabetes.

Improve awareness on early detection and screening tests for high-risk people.

We Acknowledge

Our Community – We are grateful to those who have participated with us, our board members and volunteers who joined hands with our activities and approach in making our hopes and dreams possible.

Our Donors – We couldn’t move ahead without the donors support. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for their generous support during 2007. Their true commitment and support to the mission of the Al-Taj has helped make our work happen. Our warmest thanks goes to: MAP – UK, The Sobell Foundation – UK, Pfizer Community Fund – Israel, New Israel Fund – Israel, The Wolfson Foundation – UK, Help the Hospices – UK, Children of Peace – UK, The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) – USA, for their true commitment and support to the mission of the Al-Taj Organization.

Thank you for sparing the time to read our report. We hope you will take part in our efforts and join forces in helping us to improve our community’s health and well-being.

Kind Regards,

Kassim Baddarni – Founder and Director

Al-Taj for Health and Heritage

P.O. Box 85, Arraba 30812, Israel

Tel/Fax: 972-4-6747737

Mobile: 972-52-4594490



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