A new training on conflict resolution

Article author: FUNCI

Date of publication of the article: 20110624

Year of publication: 2011

As a follow-up to previous Euro-Mediterranean Youth Workshops organised in 2007, a Handbook compiling good practices (theoretical background and practical exercises) for trainers on Conflict Resolutions and Cultural Cooperation, is being elaborated and published in three languages (English, French and Arabic), organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation, the Council of Europe, and the European Centre for Youth of Budapest.

In the frame of the successful cooperation and partnership on Youth between the European Commission and the Council of Europe for promoting European Citizenship, Human Rights Education and Intercultural Dialogue, the decision came to convey a common training course where the conceptual aspects and use of this handbook would be introduced to a larger audience of young Euro Mediterranean workers and trainers along with a complementary component on Human Rights Education, made possible thanks to the long term expertise of the Council of Europe in this field.

The training will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 19 to 26 October 2008.

Over a period of six training days, half will focus mainly on the tools developed for dealing with conflict situations, the rest of the period being dedicated to introducing other training tools developed by the council of Europe on related matters, to exploring potential linkages and partnerships and to developing projects between participants and their respective organisations as well as methodological frameworks for the organization of activities at the local level.

Euromed partnership

Among the outcomes of the training course, the ALF-CoE partnership expects the participants to have acquired accrued competences in human rights education, intercultural dialogue, and in issues and techniques related to the notion of conflict, to have established contacts and increased their motivation to work and to contribute to the follow-up of this thematic component of the Euromed partnership by creating multiplying activities and diffusing their effort among their local communities, national networks and professional contacts.

From all these efforts, the Anna Lindh Foundation aims at facilitating access to examples, tools and material that represent good practices for conflict resolution in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Participation to the above training is reserved for young people (aged 18-30) of the eligible countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

The participation to the training is subject to a selection process held commonly by the co-organisers and following the details specified in the call for participants and the application form. Costs of the selected participants will be covered by the co-organisers as per specified in the call.

The application form for applying for the training course should be filled in on-line, available at http://coe.opencontent.it. To access the online application form click on “Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Education for Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue with Young People/ Résolution de conflits et Education aux droits de l’homme pour le renforcement du dialogue interculturel avec les jeunes “.

In case you do not have a username and password, to be able to get them you should Fill out the “New Account” form with your details. Your username and password will be sent to your e-mail address. After receiving these, you can proceed with filling in the application. Further instructions are provided on the website.

The application form can be filled in English or French and should be submitted by 10 September 2008.

We also extend our invitation to all Heads of networks or institutional partners who would have an interest to attend as observers part of the training. Would they like to do so, they are kindly requested to inform the Education and Youth Unit at their

earliest convenience. Please note that their costs shall not be covered by the organizers.

The handbook used for the training will be further made available for download on the Anna Lindh Foundation website and the hard copies distributed to the participants of the former workshops on the topic and to the ones of Budapest in October. Additional copies may be requested from the Foundation’s headquarters in Alexandria.