The Med-O-Med Station

Article author: FUNCI

Date of publication of the article: 20110624

Year of publication: 2011

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This Project was born under a first design conceived by the Islamic Culture Foundation and one of its collaborators, the architect Manuel Ocaña. The first prototype was designed in 2011, and it aimed at making up for the shortage of funds available for conserving biodiversity as well as the natural and cultural heritage in the South and East of the Mediterranean basin and in the Middle East.

Taking this principle as a starting point and profiting of all the material elaborated by Manuel Ocaña’s team and coordinated by FUNCI, we developed the conceptual framework of the Med-O-Med stations Project, providing it with a specific content.

The Med-O-Med Station, more than a physical place, is a structure which, in addition to providing with elements that ensure the biodiversity conservation, is responsible of carrying out awareness raising, training, research, coordination and networking activities.

Likewise, the recovery and the revaluation of local knowledge, the commitment for solutions integrating the needs and knowledge of the communities and the contributions coming from the field of expertise, will be considered as a driving force of change within a sustainable endogenous development.

The Med-O-Med Station may be adapted to any place, where it will be implemented as a replicable model for any other regions or countries, addressing the identified needs.

Med-O-Med Station Video 1

Med-O-Med Station Video 2