You can support our work by making a donation and you will be contributing to the program or project in which you wish to collaborate.  We can also decide for you, by choosing the program or project which we deem that has the most economic needs at the moment of the donation.

Become a collaborating partner

To become a collaborating partner is a particular way to help through a periodic contribution. This guarantees the sustainability of the programs and projects carried out at FUNCI.

The membership fees will allow us to fund some of our development cooperation projects, as well as the awareness, educational and cultural activities included in our working program.

Responsible company

At FUNCI we seek to integrate companies in our working programs with the aim of creating partnerships, while promoting their Corporate Social Responsibility policies (CSR).

Your Company can become a partner by funding our projects, assuming an engagement which will allow you to enhance your corporate image, to gain visibility, to increase your employee’s motivation and even to carry out your activities through some of our projects.

Other options for business collaboration are:

  1. To create a project jointly organized which can help the company to associate its economic activity to solidarity values, thus approaching other social realities.
  2. To act as a sponsor of our projects.
  3. To buy gifts in our online charity shop or to involve your employees in some of our activities.


One of the most efficient ways of collaborating with FUNCI is through a volunteer program.

The development and achievement of many or our projects is possible thanks to the support of volunteers.

By becoming a volunteer you could be involved in the Foundation’s activities, providing your time and effort to the tasks in which you feel more interested, such as raising-awareness, cultural promotion, fundraising and many others. You can also bring us your own ideas.

This way you will acquire an experience that we are sure will be very useful in the future. As a volunteer you will receive a certificate as evidence of your grateful collaboration.

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