Capturing Paradise

Article author: FUNCI

Date of publication of the article: 20110624

Year of publication: 2011

The Trustees of Braintree Discrict Museum and Cultural Services at Braintree Discrict Council (Essex. United Kingdom) announce the Autumn exhibition Capturing Paradise, between September 14th and October 31st 2007.

Symmetry and order, arabesques and ornate foliage. The exhibition ‘Capturing Paradise’ brings together innovative and beautiful work by six Western and Non-Western artists who are inspired by the rich diversity of images from Islamic sources.

Islamic art is immediately recognisable for its intricate geometric designs, exquisite surface decoration and sophisticated abstract patterns derived from mathematical equations. From the 7th century, skilled craftsmen from the shared heritage of Islamic civilisations produced some astounding architecture, textiles, glassware, metalwork, books and carpets. Many of these precious artefacts survive in museums, libraries or mosques and increasing contact between Arabic, Persian and European cultures means that artists from both Islamic and Western backgrounds have begun to incorporate ideas and images from Islamic art and architecture in their own impressive artwork. Unlike many Western contemporary paintings or sculptures, however, art that responds to Islamic designs tends to be unusually gentle and reflective.

Venue: Braintree Town Hall Art Gallery & Braintree District Museum

Cost: Free

Contact: Contact Braintree District Museum on 01376 325266 or take a look at